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FHA Guide Sheet Prepared by

Appraisals by E.J. Koppenhaver

Effective Jan. 1,2006, FHA will no longe require the VC sheet and Notice to Homebuyer. The only repair comments by appraisers will chiefly concern themselves with chipped and peeling paint on houses built prior to June 15,1978. Appraisers will also comment on leaking roofs as well as any observable structural deficiencies.  Many properties that formerly required re-inspection will be appraised "as is".


The following repair guide is being retained for historical interest only



This is a general guide to some of  the most common inspection deficiencies and does not cover all possible VC items.         







Heat in every room???  Gravity heat is OK

Not required as long as adequate temp (55) in all living spaces. HOWEVER, Must be thermostat controlled heat source in all rooms with water source and it must be hard wired with its own breaker  

Boilers and water heaters

All boilers and water heaters must have pressure relief valve with drip leg to within 6 inches of the floor.                                                            

Coal and woodstoves


All coal and woodstoves must have certification form local authority or on letterhead of local professional installation firm .







All rooms must have at least one receptacle.  A representative number in each room must be checked for operation. 

Switched Light

All rooms must have a switched light fixture or a switched receptacle into which a light can be plugged.  The switch must be located at or accessible from the doorway of the room. 

Floor Receptacles (flat on the floor)

These are not allowed and must be removed, with the wires nutted and a cover plate installed.  

Knob and Tub wiring

Acceptable in good condition. All others must be replaced with modern wiring.  If in doubt recommend certification  

Electrical Service 60 AMP

Must be in good condition.  Anything less will require replacement. Let underwriter call for replacement.  

Pull Chain Lights

Not acceptable except in basement, attics and closets.  




Leaking plumbing or fixtures of any kind

Repair leak


Dripping faucets are not permitted.  All faucets must be operable.  


Safety and Health



ALL stairs (inside and out) with three or more risers must have a handrail.     Exposed stairs must have handrails on both sides including balusters no more than three inches apart.  

Bifold Doors

Acceptable on closets only.  All other doors must be swing or pocket doors.

Privacy Locks

Privacy locks are required on all bathroom  and bedroom doors  

Broken Window Glass

All broken, missing or cracked widow glass must be replaced. Loose glass must be reglazed 

Walk Through Rooms


Walk through a bedroom to get to another bedroom or a bathroom is permitted so long as it is age and neighborhood appropriate.  Walk through a bathroom to get anywhere is not OK.  

Paint Interior or Exterior

All chipped and/or pealing paint is not permitted.  Must be scraped, primed and painted. A frequently missed item is the paint between the window sash and the "add-on" storm and screen units

Window Balances

All windows must operate and have either sash cords/chains or spring balances.   Props, pins and friction locks etc. are not permitted  

Basement Walls and Foundations

Must be stable and sound.  If not repair.  Appraiser may call for structural certification if he or she is in doubt  

Basement and attic party walls.   Attached and integral garage walls

Must have 2 hour fire wall on all walls and/or ceilings abutting the living area and no opening to any adjoining property .

Basement Floor

May be dirt so long as age appropriate, but all mechanicals, Furnace, A/C, Hot Water Heater, Laundry Equipment, etc. must be on Concrete (Blocks OK)  

Crawl Space

Vapor barrier is not always required; however,  the appraiser must call for a vapor barrier if there is evidence of any moisture problem. There must be access available to the appraiser to enter at least head and shoulders for inspection.  No litter, trash or pooling water are permited.


Signs of interior leaks.  Comment if obviously deteriorated. All flat roofs including porches and patio covers require 2-year certification by a roofer.


Repair or replace where uneven or cracked so as to produce trip hazard or if crumbling.

Garage Built in or Attached

Must have 2-hour firewall next to any adjacent living area which includes, floors, walls and ceilings.

Wells and Cisterns

Must be outside of foundation and 50 feet from septic on existing and 100 feet on new construction.  No UV allowed,  Share up to 4 with agreement.  If public water is in street must hook up if in next house and cost not to exceed 3% of sale price.  Must deliver 1GPM to 2nd floor.  

Cisterns are prohibited but may be approved on a case by case basis.  It is necessary for the lender to contact the HUD Home Ownership Center that has jurisdiction over the property for waiver procedures.



No holding tank permitted.  Cesspool OK if in good working condition and typical for the area.  Must hook up to public sewer if in street and hook up does not cost more than 3% of sale price.

Mobile Homes AKA

Manufactured Homes

Not Modular Homes

All mobile homes must have a full perimeter foundation or an approved pier system with a full perimeter skirt,  All mobile homes must have a vapor barrier, vent and access port large enough to allow inspection of the crawl space.  Mobile Homes / Manufactured Homes are any homes that have or could have had or ever had wheels, axils, a metal frame and/or a trailer hitch.  All such homes must have attached a HUD certification sticker or metal plate visible to the appraiser.  The PENDOT vehicle title must be retired and the unit must have been built on or after 6-16-76   The mobile home may not be located on rented land or in a mobile home park.  The land must be owned in fee simple by the owner of the mobile home.



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